Forest Harvesting



Forest harvesting is an essential aspect of Forest Management. When done correctly thinning realises short-term financial returns while greatly improving the value of the remaining crop. However, if carried out poorly, the financial impact on the value of the plantation is disastrous.

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Ecoplan Forestry manage woodlands on behalf of clients ensuring all operations benefit the plantation and the client. Results are short and long term. Ecoplan forestry have no conflict of interest in forest harvesting operations, and no deals with processors or end users. Therefore our sole aim and involvement with forest harvesting is to ensure the operation benefits the plantation. We specialise in the harvesting of broadleaved and mixed woodlands. These harvests aim to rejuvenate woodlands by re-spacing and encouraging natural regeneration.

Never sell standing thinnings directly to the end user without an independent forester acting on your behalf!! Never ever have your forest managed by a person or company with a conflict of interest regarding the harvested timber!!

Finally, always remember the focus of forest harvesting is about what you leave in the forest, not what you take out!!

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