Ecoplan supply consultancy services for all forest operations – afforestation, biodiversity protection/enhancement, thinning and harvesting. At all times we advise on the use of modern methodology and close to nature principles. For commercial, environmentally-sensitive or amenity forest investment, Ecoplan Forestry’s services are in great demand thanks to their honesty, reliability and proven track-record in their field. This demand is reflected in their extensive and growing customer base, from high-profile forest estates, community organisations and individual land-owners.

I use close-to-nature principles as I believe that what’s best for the forest is what’s best for the client in the long-run. And it works: financially, aesthetically, and most noteworthy regarding biodiversity, my clients have seen substantial results across the board.
Forests are long-term and should be managed as such, to provide a sustainable income, habitat and valuable resource on so many levels, not just now but for future generations to enjoy.

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