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Ecoplan Forestry was established in 2007 when Sean McGinnis, following many years working in all aspects of the Irish forestry sector, became disillusioned with the predominantly commercial, exotic, conifer, monoculture, focus of the industry.


He wanted to offer alternative forest management solutions that provided biodiversity, amenity, aesthetic and wellness values alongside financial returns, to propose native broadleaves instead of exotic conifers, continuous-cover principles instead of clearfell, enlightened forest management instead of tree-farming.


Enlightened forest management is about the entire forest, not just the trees. Drain and water run-off management improves rivers and enhances aquatic life, plantation design improves the landscape, species, age, and height diversity improves flora and fauna biodiversity, manual weed control avoids unnecessary chemical damage – there are endless advantages and benefits.


Public opinion about traditional forest management is changing at long last, and all the major players in Ireland are paying lip-service, but do they really believe? Ecoplan was created to specialise in alternative, environmentally sensitive, forest management that provides a long-term sustainable income; so regardless of the location, size or composition of your woodland, if you can ‘see the wood for the trees’ Contact Ecoplan.


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