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The Forest Service Woodland Improvement Scheme is available for all broadleaved grant-aided sites which are approaching first, and second thinning stage. The aim of this scheme is to improve access, form, and volume production, and this operation greatly increases the value of the plantation.


Woodland Improvement






Grant-aid is available for this work, and Ecoplan forestry specialise in the management and supervision of woodland improvement operations.


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Woodland Improvement Scheme

Woodland Improvement Scheme


The Woodland Improvement Scheme provides financial support to forest owners to help meet the cost of thinning broadleaf forests and broadleaf mixtures. This scheme will provide two thinning interventions for all broadleaf and broadleaf mixed forests regardless of whether or not they are grant aided. The scheme also supports the continuous cover forestry approach to forest management.


You can discover more about the Scheme on the Departments Website

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