Forest Management Services

Award winning Ecoplan Forestry specialise in Native Woodland Management, but offer a wide range of Forest Management Services across the entire forestry spectrum.

If you have an enquiry relating to any of our services below, please Contact us for more information.


Native Woodland Afforestation

Ecoplan Forestry specialise in afforestation. We suit ‘species to site’ and will advise on how best to achieve your vision…

Forest Road Ecoplan Forestry

Forest Roads

Forest Roads are essential for the proper management of any forest. They improve access, facilitate management…


Native Woodland Management

Ecoplan Forestry specialise in Native Woodland establishment, with a reputation and track record in this area…


Woodland Improvement

The Forest Service Woodland Improvement Scheme is available for all broadleaved grant-aided sites which are…


Forest Harvesting & Thinning

Harvesting & Thinning is an essential aspect of Forest Management, if completed correctly thinning realises short…


Forest Management and Consultancy

Ecoplan Forestry are available for a wide range of forest management and consultancy services to help forest owners make the most of their…


Forest Service Appeals

Ecoplan Forestry has the knowledge and experience of all scheme rules, and can…


Forest Estate Management

We manage a number of Irelands finest Estates where our honesty, reliability…


Forest Asset Management

In order to fully realise the full potential of your forest asset, it is essential…