Native Woodland Management

Ecoplan Forestry was established in 2007 to provide Native Woodland management solutions. While most of the industry was focused on commercial conifer monocultures, Ecoplan saw the need to create, preserve, and enhance, Irelands native woodlands.  As Irelands only native woodland specialists, Ecoplan has developed a reputation and track record in this area which is second to none. From managing some of Irelands most important Annex 1 Old Oak Woodlands to establishing a range of native woodland types, Ecoplan Forestry has the proven experience, passion, and dedication, which is essential for your Native Woodland needs.


Creating and managing native woodland is all about being able to ‘see the forest for the trees’. It is all about  species, age, and height diversity, flora and fauna habitats, natural boundaries, ecotones, water quality, aesthetics, amenity, and much, much, more. All Irish forestry companies and consultants provide native woodland services, but very few really believe in, or fully understand, Native Woodland Management.

Native Woodland management prioritises the alternative forest values – biodiversity, amenity, aesthetics, water, and landscape above financial returns. Remember, old woodlands need to be rejuvenated, and the best time to plant native forests is today.


The Forest Service provide grant-aid for Native Woodland Establishment and Native Woodland Conservation. If you are interested in creating a native forest, or preserving an existing native woodland, if you believe in whole forests and their biodiversity, and not the trees alone, please contact us for more information.

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